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Lolita Fans

Of Anime and Manga

Lolita Fans of Anime and Manga
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The goal of this community is to give those who enjoy both lolita fashion and anime and manga a place to talk about their shared interests without worrying about being judged.

Please feel free to post anime- and manga-inspired coordinates, sewing projects, art/fanart, discussions, questions, reviews... whatever! The series doesn't have to be specifically lolita-related.

As for rules, they're simple:
* No bashing anyone or anything
* Place images and large amounts of text behind a cut
* All 18+/NSFW images and text MUST be labeled and placed behind a cut
* No sales posts, please
Posts that break these rules may be deleted without notice.

Also, not as a rule, but as a guideline: please keep over-the-top fangirling to a minimum. Have fun, but be mature!