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Contests & Themes for April
General theme: Spring 2011 Season - there are a lot of new shows coming out this season-- what are you watching? What's good, what's bad? Tell us what you are loving the most!

Aesthetic (genre-related) theme: Comedy - what anime/manga series made you laugh so hard you cried?

Share-and-tell theme: Spring-related: artwork, crafts, anything related to spring!

Remember to TAG and CUT your posts please!


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Anyone have any good, bad, or amaazzing stories of convention going to share?

Here's mine to kick things off. 

Clickie to read!Collapse ) Definitely investing in a planner.
15th-Jun-2011 11:21 am - 1/2 Prince and Deltora Quest

Hello hello! So I was wondering who has read 1/2 Prince (novel or manga) and who has seen/read Deltora Quest?

Ranting and Questions hereCollapse )
15th-May-2011 10:54 am - Cosplay, cosplay and MOAR COSPLAY!
So I was wondering what everyone is working on if they cosplay? Does anyone have picture they wanna share in comments?

I'm lacking for inspiration this year since school has sucked up my life but I'm planning Princess Azula from Avatar, Mozenrath from Aladdin, Legolas from LOTR D< cuz I CAN lol, and the Bridal witch from Left 4 Dead.

Sadly xD I don't have any preview pictures cuz I haven't started but that's what the summer is for right?
Witch Pheobe
15th-May-2011 07:25 am - Baby x Macross Frontier
Baby has put up a reservation page for a Macross Frontier onepiece

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Cuteness Attack
I don't know how long these have been up, but the Metamorphose x Macross Frontier: Sayonara no Tsubasa, and Metamorphose x Vocaloid collections are both up for reserve:


I'm dying for the skirt or jacket from the Sheryl Nome set and I like the Vocaloid sailor skirt, but I lack the money ;; Has anyone here reserved? I'm trying to figure out what all the colorways offered are, if there are any other than the ones that were shown in the mockups a little while ago.

If anyone did reserve, I'd love to see pics posted once they release the items <3

Here's some links to the mockups:

EDIT: Mods, can you please turn off the Spam/Whitelist link filtering option on the comm? Thanks.
Kitsoru: Nyoro~n?
16th-Apr-2011 12:40 pm - Farewell Tokyopop
I guess most of you have heard the news about Tokyopop closing down from either egl or elsewhere. (I found out through TP's forum.)

Regardless of their practices, I find this to be so sad. I can't really imagine going to a bookstore and not seeing any Tokyopop manga on the shelves. I got into manga because of this company and I still have some old copies of Sailor Moon (as well as stuff with the "100% Authentic Manga" label on the back :P) on my shelf.

I admit that I have not been keeping up with the company's releases all that much; there are only a few things I'm interested in reading. Still, I would love to continue reading some manga such as these:

Trinity Blood (the novels)
Peace Maker Kurogane
Kokaku Torimonochou/Red Hot Chili Samurai (I only bought the first two volumes for the covers but I'd like to continue it anyway.)
Togainu no Chi

I'll probably wind up buying the Japanese volumes though I haven't even started my Japanese class yet (and reaching fluency will take a long time). Hey, it's better than nothing. ^^;
I guess that's all I have to say for now but I do have a couple of questions.

How do you feel about this?
Are there any Tokyopop series you've been following?

Oh and dear mods, I noticed that there's no tag for manga. Could you add one? Thanks! ^^

ETA: Tokyopop's latest Facebook update:
We’re very sorry for the sad news. Nothing has made us happier than being together with you guys as one community. We wish we could keep publishing all your favorite series but unfortunately reality isn’t so kind. We’ll be announcing the future of specific titles in the next couple weeks. Thank you for all the support and understanding – we love you all. TOKYOPOP fans are still the best fans around!!!!
So it looks like we'll eventually know what's going on with the manga.
Skelter Helter
16th-Apr-2011 08:14 am - About Posting on the Comm
I've been meaning to say this for a really long time, but I've been terribly busy with end of the year school business. Anyhow, I wanted to mention to everyone this is an Anime Community for lolitas. I read in a post here a while back that some people don't know what to post because not a lot of things relate to both Lolita&Anime.

Well if it relates to both then great! Post it! But if it doesn't that doesn't mean we can't start topics. The purpose of this place, I think our founder Deadtree would agree, is to have a place to talk about anime with other people who share an interest in the lolita fashion.

The inspiration from this came from a Loli secret poster. It's just basically a place to post without others complaining about it. (The whole standard that lolita can't like j-rock, anime, and lolita because it makes that person a weeaboo. Ya know, stereotypes)

I hope that helps get this community going. Cosplay posts, SquareEnix posts, and art posts are allowed as well. :] So don't be shy!~ Even tutorials are welcome for cosplay props that you may think interest others, or tutorials on how to incorporate little accessories from Anime/manga into your wardrobe are fine as well.

Witch Pheobe
11th-Apr-2011 08:18 pm - Bodyline WIN

Has anyone seen bodyline's lastest update? If not they have just got the most epic thing in stock:


A SAILOR MOON COSTUME!!!! I know the quality isn't going to be great, but BL's version looks pretty good to me. I just wish it wasn't so short! lol
what do you guys think?

medieval, me
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